How To Buy Shares In Nigeria

An online poll was conducted and out of 100 participants to a question, 99.9% of them claim chose an option which to them seemto be very correct. What would the question be you may be wondering’?. The question was: Do you want to be wealthy?. Many candidate chose ‘Yes’ because they found it suitable and easy to chose. However, one way one can be wealthy is through investing. Although, there are many ways one can invest, we would bediscussing on one of the ways today. We would be looking at How to Buy Shares in Nigeria. Under this article, we would be discussing subject like:

What are Shares?

-Benefits of Having Shares

– How to Buy Shares In Nigeria

A share is an unbreakable unit of capital, showing the relationship between the organization and the investor. The named worth of an share is its face value, and the value of face value of given shares address the capital of a company,which may not mirror the market worth of those offers.

Shares are valued by the different standards in various business sectors, however an essential reason is that a share is worth the cost at which an exchange would probably happen if the shares is to be sold.

There are various kinds of shares, for example, equity shares, inclinations or preference shares, deferred shares, redeemable offers, bonus shares, right offers, and employee investment opportunity plan shares.

Benefits of Having Shares


Ordinarily, shares that are listed in the stock exchange are an exceptionally fluid product and can be traded rapidly over a exchange stage. No issue of including an agent or transferee and for a moderately minimal price when contrasted with other monetary items. Exchanging on a trade platforms additionally permits one to sell a piece of the offer packages other than redeeming the entire part.

Investor Benefits

Some listed investor organizations from various market areas including amusement, retail, friendliness and monetary administrations offer sumptuous discounts to investors when they purchase labor and products from the organizations or their partners. Anyway in many situations, lots of shares should be claimed to meet the requirements for such advantages.

Share Of Profit To Shareholders

Dividend is a monetary compensation given out to investors as acomponent of the benefit made by the organization toward the endof each monetary year. The bigger the units of the shareholdings onehas, the more cash one gets.

Voting Power

One more remarkable component of stock possession is that investors are qualified for vote in favor of the executives changes assuming the organization in power is not favouring them. The body of an organization will hold yearly gatherings to report the overall organization performance. They unveil plans for future period tasks and the board choices. Should financial organization and investors contradict the organization’s present effort or tentative arrangements, they have the ability to changes the administration or business procedure.

Restricted Liabilities

Ultimately, when an individual claims portions of an organization, the idea of possession is restricted. Should the organization run into a loss, investors will not be held for any misfortune.

Claims on Assets

An investor has a share of resources in an organization it has stock in. However, the cases on resources are applicable just when the organization faces liquidation. In that occasion, the entirety of the organization’s resources and liabilities are counted, and after all lenders are paid, the investors can share what is left. This is the explanation that equity investment(stocks) are viewed as higher risk than owings(credit, advances, and bonds) since leasers are paid before value holders, and if there are no asset left after the obligation is paid, the value holders might not get anything.

How To Buy Shares In Nigeria

There are several stick brokers online ,you can choose one from the several available. However, it’ll take you approximately 25 minutes to open an account with any of them.

Select A Stockbroker On The Internet.

Using an online stockbroker is the most convenient way to buy stocks. You can purchase stock and stocks online through the broker’s website after you’ve launched and funded your account.

Do Your Homework On The Stocks You Want To Buy.

You’re ready to start picking stocks now that you’ve opened and financially supported an account with a brokerage. When conducting your research, don’t let the deluge of data and real-time market changes overwhelm you. Make your goal crystal clear. The idea is to locate firms in which you would like to invest.

You’re ready to undertake an inquiry once you’ve identified these companies and companies.The letter will offer you with a summary of what is going on in the company as well as some explanation for the numbers in the paper.

The majority of the information and tools you’ll need to examine a firm may be available on the broker’s website, such as transcripts of SEC filings, periodic income statements from conference calls, and the most recent news.

Decide How Many Shares You Can Afford

You should not feel obligated to purchase a certain amount of shares or your evaluated at once. Start small by purchasing a stock to see if you enjoy the process of owning individual securities and if you can weather difficult times with minimal sleep loss.

When you’ve mastered the flair of shareholders, you can increase your stake.

Choose your favorite Stocks from the drop-down menu.

Don’t be put off by your broker’s online order page’s strange numbers and word connotations. There are a plethora of more advanced stock trading and orders available. It isn’t worth the time or effort right now, or possibly ever.


As we have observed from the article, Shares are really a great firm of investment. They are of many benefits as we’ve discussed above. Millions of Nigerians have are shareholders because of how relatively easy it is to buy shares online using trusted brokers. There is no charges attached to the buying of shares. It is very free! Make use of this knowledge you have earned and buy shares today!

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