Ozigbo And His Clique Are The Architects Of The Present Crisis In PDP Anambra State

I have just read Mr. Valentine Ozigbo’s vile letter to the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, His Excellency, Senator Iyorchia Ayu, in which he employed the hackneyed but doomed strategy of emotional blackmail to accuse National officers of the party of colluding with Chief Linus Ukachukwu, Chief Chris Uba, Senator Uche Ekwunife and others to destabilize the party.

As a follow up to this hilarious accusation, he announced that he joined the party in 2018 and came into full time politics in 2020 and claimed also, to have won “a keenly contested governorship primary election”, after supporting the party for decades.

As contentious as this brazen falsehood is, I want to point out to Mr. Ozigbo, that he cannot successfully undermine both Ukachukwu and Uba in PDP, especially in Anambra State. Both of them were foundation members of the party in 1998, twenty years before he registered as a member of the party in 2018. The duo had also supported the party vigorously all these years, and swam the tide with the party, for better for worse.

It is important to point out also to Ozigbo in case he has forgotten, that there was nothing keen about the kangaroo governorship primary election he claimed to have won last year. The preposterous claim to have won a governorship primary election with mere 62 votes is an unmitigated absurdity, for which Ozigbo and his co- travellers should be hiding their faces in shame.

It is unbelievable that he complained of disrespect and lack of recognition from party members in the state. It is called pay back time for the impunity committed by Ozigbo and his clique during last year’s governorship primary.

Respect is earned and not a gifted. Expecting respect and recognition from the same party members he displaced during last year’s governorship primary is the height of political naivety. There are two questions I want to put to Ozigbo. Who were the delegates that voted for him during “his keenly contested governorship primary election?” Where were the real delegates of the party at the time some 62 manipulators purportedly elected him? In case he has forgotten, the real delegates of the party were not at the Women Development Centre, where his clique crowned him their candidate with only 62 votes.

The real delegates of the party were at Paul University playground Awka, where they elected Senator Ugochukwu Uba as the candidate of the party with 275 votes. Rather than accept defeat Ozigbo dragged the true delegates and faithful members of PDP Anambra through the “harakirian” highway to Golgotha, the place of death.

Did he win the election? No, he didn’t. Professor Chukwuma Soludo beat him silly because he couldn’t have been the party’s governorship candidate with paltry 62 votes. Ozigbo thus imperilled the political fortunes of members of PDP in Anambra State and they have not forgiven him.

Neither Chris Uba nor Linus Ukachukwu are the causes of the present crisis in PDP Anambra State. The present crisis is caused and sustained by Ozigbo’s dishonest ambition to perpetuate the roguery of last year’s primary election. The true delegates in that election and the teeming supporters of the party, whose political fortunes he and his group imperilled have risen up against him and his group. They are like telling him, you don’t have business with ordinary delegates like us, go and look for the super delegates you used to disenfranchise us during last year’s governorship primary election.

This is the origin of the crisis Ozigbo is accusing the National Officers of the party of aiding and abetting. The ease with which he accused PDP National Working Committee, the Congress Committees, the Screening Committees, the Appeal Panel and the National Chairman of the party is reminiscent of someone on a free fall. People on free falls usually clutch and latch on to anything that could break their fall and prevent the catastrophic descent.

If every National Officer of PDP including Congress Committee members, Screening Committee members, members of the Appeal Panel and the National Chairman are all stooges of Chief Chris Uba, then Ozigbo may be needing urgent psychiatric evaluation.

The notion of every National Officer of the party on assignment to Anambra State being demonized by Ozigbo as Chris Uba’s stooge is an eccentric misadventure which reflects Ozigbo’s obsession with power and cheap popularity.

I believe also that Ozigbo was hallucinating when he alluded to the “beauty of due process when I participated in the governorship primary under the erstwhile NWC”. The exact position of due process in his myopic allusion is impossible to place. Where is due process when 62 oligarchs working for themselves and by themselves, constituted an aberration called Super Delegates and crowned Ozigbo candidate of the party in total neglect and usurpation of the rights of true delegates? In ideal societies Ozigbo should be the target of public opprobrium because he and his group stole the mandate of over 3,800 Delegates, which denied the party of the emergence of an accepted and acceptable governorship candidate.

He should be on his knees apologizing to the members and supporters of PDP in the state for the brigandage he and his group unleashed upon the party last year, which cost the party the governorship election. In the pursuit of reckless ambition, he imperilled the political fortunes of PDP members in the state.

The respect and recognition he seeks are embedded in the womb of time and will only be delivered when he earns them, which may not be soon enough, because party members he imperilled their fortunes are up against him. Party faithfuls who blamed his preposterous emergence as governorship candidate for the loss of the election and its attendant benefits are up against him. Rather than running from pillar to post, weeping up unnecessary sentiments and attempting to blackmail the National leadership of the party and committed members of the party in the state, he should become penitent and purge himself of impunity and the vaulting ambition of attempting to sideline committed party elders, who have supported the party and held the party together with personal resources for decades.

Ozigbo’s hallucination about the beauty of due process when he participated in the primary election under the “erstwhile NWC” is an indirect indictment and accusation of the present National Working Committee of masterminding the crisis in PDP Anambra State.

I did not set out to sit as a judge on the internal matters of the party but I do know, that an individual who finds fault with every officer of his own party has aggravated character flaw and it is not out of order to ask Ozigbo to deal with his cantankerous character before political oblivion takes him by surprise.

Ozigbo, his godfather and their group have done great damage to the party in the state and their exit from the party will mark a new beginning. During every election PDP will win majority of the seats in the National Assembly but will always fail to clinch the governorship because of their penchant for abusing democratic processes. In 2017, Peter Obi imposed his former Secretary of Government, Oseloka Obaze, who was then not even a member of the party by hijacking and altering the delegate list. The party failed woefully in the election because the authentic members of the party opposed the imposition and Obaze lost.

In 2021, the same Peter Obi, who only joined the party in 2015, through manipulation of the delegate list again imposed Valentine Ozigbo, a Hotel Manager, who just joined the party a few months to the election, with the shameful score of 62 votes he claimed to have won, in a primary election where 3,800 delegates were expected to vote. Yet again, the authentic members of PDP resisted him because the authentic delegates participated in an authentic primary election where they elected Senator Ugochukwu Uba with 275 votes. Ozigbo’s candidacy in last year’s election was questionable and it is laughable that such a character should aspire to be the leader of the party. Having made the party to lose the election, how will the party in all honesty reward his fraud with Leadership.

When did PDP begin to reward fraud and impunity? Leadership of a political party requires a lot of investment in time and sacrifice. This Ozigbo has not done.

He should stand in queue and begin to learn the rudiments of party politics. The Uba brothers, Ugochukwu and Chris have been in the PDP from its formation in 1998 till date. Ozigbo cannot be crying more than the authentic members of the party. As far as truth is concerned, he has no stake in PDP. He is just a passerby.

His withdrawal from the race for Anambra South Senatorial District is commendable, honourable and respectful, moreso, as the impunity that made his retrogressive emergence as governorship candidate last year does no longer exist. That his godfather, former Governor Peter Obi has resigned from the party at the same time that Ozigbo is crying wolf is because true and dedicated members of the party have resolved with great determination to take back PDP Anambra State from meddlesome interlopers like Ozigbo and his band of political marauders.

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