Pastor Enenche warns those misrepresenting his messages about Nigeria

The Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr. Paul Enenche, has warned those constantly misrepresenting his messages on the state of the nation to desist from the mischief forthwith.

The cleric gave the warning while addressing his congregation at the Glory Dome, Abuja, recently.

He said it is demonic for some agents to continously misquote him in the media.

Pastor Enenche said, “There are people, who look to me like demonic agents whose duty is either to sit in church or watch online, to misrepresent what we say and misconstrue what we say.

“And for those agents of the devil, I promise you, you will gain nothing. Whatever plan you have in mind for misrepresenting and misconstruing what we say, will never come to pass. If you say it like we said it, it’s alright. But to misconstrue and misrepresent it, it won’t produce the result that you want.

“All of you who know us, you know that we are never giving in to an ambivalence. No vacillation. No prevarication. No equivocation. Here today, here tomorrow. Talking from two sides of the mouth. Constantly shifting ground is never our life and can never be our life. The side we are on is the side of God. We stand with him. And what’s his stand? Stand against every form of evil, against every form of ungodliness. That stand doesn’t change for any reason.”

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