South Africa’s Jacob Zuma set free after prison term ends


Former South African President Jacob Zuma was set free on Friday following the expiry of his prison sentence for contempt of court, a government department.

Zuma received a 15-month sentence in 2021 after he ignored instructions to participate in a corruption inquiry.

He handed himself in on July 7, 2021 to begin his sentence, triggering the worst violence South Africa had seen in years as his angry supporters took to the streets.

In a statement, Zuma said he felt relieved to be a free man and thanked his supporters.

“The messages of support on social media and other platforms kept me strong and focused on ensuring that those who wanted to break my spirit and resolve do not succeed,” he said.

Zuma was released on medical parole in September 2021. But in December, the high court set aside the parole decision and ordered him to return to jail.

Zuma appealed the ruling and remained on parole pending the appeal outcome.

“Mr Zuma complied with his conditions for medical parole as set out during his placement,” the Correctional Services department said in a statement.

“All administrative processes have now been concluded and the sentence expiry date marks the end of him serving his sentence under community corrections.”



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