19-Year-Old Who Tracked Elon Musk’s Jet Agrees to Disable Account For Business

For a piece of business advice, a teenager who tracks billionaires’ whereabouts has accepted to disable the account linked to Mark Cuban Mark Cuban

reached out to the 19-year-old and asked him to pull down his account over security concerns The teenager said he will only do so if the Shark Tank investor agrees to a mentorship meeting with him

The 19-year-old who tracks billionaires’ private jets, Jack Sweeney, said he has stopped tracking Mark Cuban, the Shark Tank investor after he reached out, Nairametrics said.

Business Insider stated that Cuban gave the teenager business advice in exchange for the Twitter account being disabled for security purposes. Sweeney had earlier turned down a $5k offer from Elon Musk to stop tracking him.

Sweeney responded to Cuban’s offer and disabled his account, saying that the account will be archived but will no longer track the billionaire’s jet.
In exchange, the youngster requested to meet the investor at a Dallas Maverick’s basketball game, a team Cuban bought for about $280 million in 2000.

The teen prodigy told Cuban that he did not think the accounts constituted any serious security challenges as the data is online through public air-traffic-tracking sites and he just puts the data on Twitter via bots that crawl websites.
Sweeney accepted to pull some of the accounts but notes that he is doing it for nothing. Cuban said:

“It’s not like you are gaining anything by following individual jet, and you know you are creating risk for all jets you track. By ending this, you have me as your friend for life,” Cuban told Sweeney. “You probably have Elon as a friend for life and I am guessing that is far more valuable to you than the value of a Tesla. Someday you will start a business and you would have my help.”

A student of the University of Florida, Sweeney came to the limelight after he rejected an offer of $5,000 from Elon Musk, who wants to buy Twitter for $44 billion, to stop tracking him.
Also tracks Mark Zuckerberg
Bloomberg report said that the teenager also tracks Meta CEO, Mark Zuckerberg’s jet after the Facebook founder spent about $127 million on security in 2021.

Sweeney first saw images of the aircraft registration code on the tail of what he believes is the tech billionaire’s jet when it landed in Iceland. The aircraft is registered to A7P Trust Co. Inc. Trustee, an entity based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a Bloomberg report said

According to the site, Sweeney then reviewed the aircraft’s previous travel and discovered it made several trips to Hawaii, where Zuckerberg owns a 700-acre compound.

Sweeney said he was confident about the jet’s owner in early May 2022, when he noticed that it landed in Italy at the same time the billionaire posted on Instagram that he had visited Milan to meet with fashion industry luminaries.


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