2023: Commissioners Don’t Make Policies – NNACHETTA

A Frontline aspirant for the Anambra North Senatorial seat on the platform of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Ogbuefi Tony Nnachetta, has educated voters in the zone, that Commissioners in State Executive Councils are not responsible for the for the formulation of policies. According to him, Commissioners are only responsible for the implementation of policies drawn up by the administrations they serve.

Nnachetta, who spoke during his recently concluded tours of the wards in the seven Council Areas of Anambra North Senatorial Zone, reiterated that Commissioners are mere agents appointed by administrations to help implement the their policies. He regretted the erroneous mindset of voters who believe that a Commissioner has power to make and implement personal policies.

The two time Commissioner in Anambra State stated that as a Commissioner, he was only a servant of the government and could only implement the policies created by the government. He said the major reason he wants to represent the zone in the 10th Senate is to have the opportunity to decide what things to attract to the zone, for the good development of the zone, empowerment of its people and the provision of sustainable legacies for the enrichment of future generations.

He emphasized the need for credible representation in the Senate and pointed out, that the proverbial national cake is big enough to feed and empower all sections of the country. What is needed according to him is a compassionate and credible representative with a desire to serve the cause of the people, and ensure that their own portion of the national cake gets to them. He also said, that representatives of the people should acquaint themselves with needs, hopes and aspirations of the people in order to know what part of the national cake that best suits the expectations of their constituents.

According to Ogbuefi Nnachetta, this is the reason why he toured all the wards in the zone, to acquaint himself with the expectations of the people he aspires to represent. He promised to tour again, the villages, hamlets and towns in the zone if he wins the ticket of his party. He lamented the suffering of the zone and the embarrassing absence of Federal Government’s presence or investments in the zone.

Nnachetta promised that his representation will be predicated on leadership, competence, capacity and compassion and will restore hope to the zone and fulfill the long neglected aspirations of the people. He asked the people to support his aspiration and be rest assured that his representation will be about service which will reposition the zone and empower the people.

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