Ahead of 2023 elections, NDLEA proposes drug tests for all political aspirants

Nigeria’s anti narcotic agency, NDLEA, has proposed a drug tests for all politicians vying for elective offices in the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

The agency through it’s boss, retired General Buba Marwa in a statement released on Wednesday, made the announcement while presenting medals and awards to deserving officers who have distinguished themselves in the fight against illicit drugs in the country.

Marwa, who stated that he had written to the Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Abdullahi Adamu requesting that the NDLEA be allowed to conduct drug tests on politicians aspiring for top elective offices in the party.

He also noted that same request would be extended to the country’s leading opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and other registered political parties in the country before they conduct primary elections.

According to him the proposed drug test on politicians is very necessary stressing that it will prevent drug consuming politicians from using the country’s budgetary allocations meant for provision of essential services to buy cocaine, Methamphetamine and other illicit drugs.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time the agency is coming with such proposals, in October 2021, the NDLEA also proposed a mandatory drug test for intending couples to curb the widespread and effect of drug abuse in the country.

The NDLEA boss in his words said:

“For politicians, we have long advocated and I take the opportunity again to repeat the advocacy that when they run for public office it demands a lot of responsibility from the person and we need to be certain if he’s a person that is already a drug addict/user who will spend all the money he’s given for public service to consume cocaine and his head will not be in a stable condition to handle the affairs he has been entrusted with.

“For this reason, we have advocated and will continue to advocate that drug test be conducted for politicians. Some state governments like Kano State is already doing this.

“Not just politicians, but government appointees, and I’ve just sent a letter this morning to the National Chairman of the APC, who will be the first of the national working committee I wish to pay an advocacy visit on this issue.

“I recommended that drug tests be incorporated in the screening process for all those interested in running for public office; we’ll do the same to the PDP and other important parties,” he said.

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