CRS teacher allegedly impregnates SS2 student In Nasarawa

A Christian Religious Studies teacher of a private school in Maraba, Karu Local Government Area of Nasarawa state, has been accused of impregnating an SS2 student.

The 19-year-old girl from Cross River state (name withheld) was confirmed pregnant at the school clinic after complaining of dizziness in class.

The young expectant mother divulged that her CRS teacher was responsible for the pregnancy.

According to reports, she revealed that she has been in a sexual relationship with the rowdy teacher since Junior Secondary School 2 (JSS2).

The accused is said to be in his early 40s, and married to his wife for six years without a child, taking full responsibility.

The girl’s parents have insisted that he has to marry the girl, but with the condition that she finishes her secondary school education after giving birth.

Despite agreeing to the terms, the school has since relieved the teacher of his duties, while the girl continues with her studies, till she is set for delivery.

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