Earthquake kills 1000 persons, injured hundreds in Afghanistan

About 1000 persons have been feared dead following a 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Afghanistan.

Officials put the death toll of the powerful quake which occurred on Wednesday evening at a border region of the country at 920.

AFP reported that the toll is expected to rise as rescuers dig through collapsed buildings.

Sharafuddin Muslim, Afghan deputy minister for disaster management, said 600 persons were injured from the impact of the latest quake.

“So far the information we have is that at least 920 people have been martyred and 600 injured,” he told a press conference in the capital, Kabul.

Afghanistan has been facing a severe humanitarian crisis following the Taliban takeover of the country last year.

A senior Taliban official, Anas Haqqani, said the government is making efforts to help those affected by the latest quake.

“The government is working within its capabilities.

“We hope that the International Community & aid agencies will also help our people in this dire situation,” AFP quoted him as saying.

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