Funding Is Not First Requirement For Success But Idea, Creativity— Dr Olatude

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Oxford International Group, Dr Goodluck Precious Olatunde has urged entrepreneurs and Nigerian youths to seek ideas and creativity that can solve either national or international problems.

He said it is only people with ideas and creativity that can have the breakthrough in the face of the present prevailing global economic meltdown.

The seasoned entrepreneur made this assertion on Saturday 9, 2022 after receiving his doctorate honorary degree from the prestigious European American University in the Republic of Panama.

Dr Olatunde currently leads Oxford International Group as the MD/CEO of the fast-growing conglomerate which provides investment and real estate solutions across Nigeria, and the African continent.

He said: ” Young entrepreneurs who want to achieve their goals, dreams or visions must be dedicated and focused on their passions. They must have resilience and never give up their dreams even in the face of challenges. These virtues will enable them to achieve whatever they want to achieve in the long run.

”I urge the Nigerian youths to endeavour to have a mindset to create something out of nothing because in the economy we have right now, the only people who can succeed are the people who can build up to something out of nothing. Nigerian youth should be able to create something out of nothing to succeed.”

While many entrepreneurs believe that funding is key to their success, Dr Olatunde said: ”Money or fund is not the first requirement for success. Idea and creativity are the first qualities to go for if you want to succeed in your business. When you have an idea and creativity, money will come. The idea will solve a problem and when a problem is resolved, the money definitely will come because people will give you money for your value. Money is the last thing you should ever think of if you want to succeed.

”In the face of the global meltdown, the youths should look beyond the norms. This is the best time for every young Nigerian to create something that can solve any problem. Let us not follow the norms because if we do, we will become victims. Everyone has to think to create something that has not been seen or done.

”If you study the present economy very well, you will discover that things are evolving. Therefore, what I would advise every young entrepreneur to do is to be highly innovative and creative. Nigeria is one of the best nations when it comes to innovation and creativity. That alone is a plus to our youth as it affords them a unique opportunity to create their individual brand for the entire world.”

Speaking on challenges in the face of success, Dr Olatunde said: ”One of the challenges I had to get to this feat as an upcoming entrepreneur was accessibility to platforms that can make me grow into an entrepreneur.

”I am also faced with the necessary experience needed to grow in the field of endeavour. But today, I have found a platform that has made me a success.”

Dr Goodluck Precious Olatunde is a seasoned entrepreneur, marketing and sales professional, realtor and business development expert, with expertise across different industries including real estate, investment management, agriculture, oil & gas. His experience covers customer relations, corporate management, business development and capacity building.

Over the years, he had worked at different levels of corporate cadre with leading organisations; built and grew businesses, while raising highly productive teams. He grew through the ranks in his career to a top managerial level in a conglomerate of multi-sectoral businesses.

Dr Olatunde currently leads Oxford International Group as the MD/CEO of the fast-growing conglomerate that is providing investment and real estate solutions across Nigeria, and the African continent, targeted at driving socio-economic growth.

His achievement was recognized on Saturday, April 9, 2022, with an honorary doctorate degree by European American University, the Republic of Panama.

Dr Olatunde who was excited over the award said he is fulfilled about the award of a doctorate degree from the European American University.

The award, according to him convinced him that all he has contributed to humanity, most especially the development of the Nigerian economy is recognised.

“It also shows to a great extent my contribution to my company and the brand I represent,’ he said.

(Dr Goodluck Precious Olatunde while receiving his honorary degree from the European American University, the Republic of Panama that took place on Saturday 9, 2022 at NECA House in Lagos.)

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