Huawei partners Nigeria to establish 300 ICT centres, train 1000 youths yearly

Nigeria’s Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy, partners with Huawei technologies to boost ICT development in the country by establishment 300 ICT centres to train young Nigerians.

The Ministey has started initiating the implementation of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China’s leading Telecommunication Company, Huawei Technologies (Nigeria) Limited according to a report by the Nation.

Minister of Communication and Digital Economy Prof. Isa-Ali Pantami, at the signing of the MoU, applauded the efforts of Huawei, particularly in its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in Nigeria.

The Memorandum, will help to the establishment of two core ICT projects in Nigeria, namely the Huawei ICT Academy Project and the Huawei ICT Talent Cultivation Project which will boost employment in the country.

Pantami who expressed the country’s readiness to work with Huawei, thanked the company for its immense contributions to the country through its CSR programs and other initiatives.

He said that, Huawei will be establishing a global training center in Nigeria aimed at training Nigerians and other African countries in ICT.

He revealed that the new business agreement signed by Nigeria and Huawei will see to the establishment of about 300 ICT academies in some selected tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

The Minister who explained that the establishment of the ICT centres across various tertiary institutions in the country, will train not less than 10,000 students each year with a total of 30,000 students in three years, which will be on the recommendation of the ministry.This would include trainings, competition and other activities incidental to the operation of the ICT Academy. He said.

According to him, the projects if carried out will help to develop ICT technology in the country, which will help to enhance the ICT ecosystem and improving ICT technical infrastructure so as meeting up with attainable digital economy in the World as he said Huawei will deploy its latest technology.

He added that, the projects will help in addressing unemployment issues in the country by providing jobs, experience, opportunities and ICT certifications to students each year so as to increase their job market competitiveness.

The Managing Director of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd, Mr. Michael Zhuang,thanked the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Honorable Minister, Prof. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, for giving Huawei the enabling environment to operate and touch many lives in Nigeria. He said this has been done through many initiatives to which the Honorable Minister has been a key driver.

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