Movies: Warner Bros, announce the release of Nun 2 at CinemaCon

Warner Bros.Entertainment Inc., a leading American film and entertainment company, has made an announcement regarding the continuation of its hit The Conjuring Universe franchise.

The Nun 2, sequel to the eponymous 2018 movie, will be the next installment in the studio’s horror film franchise. MovieWeb reported.

The film, released in 2018, gained a lot of praises for its effective tie-up to the mainline series of The Conjuring Universe and making Valak the central demonic figure in the franchise at the time.

The former film, The Nun, was a prequel film to The Conjuring 2, featuring the origins of the demon Valak.

The film, set in Romania, was well received by the audience, who praised its approach of creating atmospheric horror instead of relying on jump scares and inducing the dark tone within the film’s setting, which mainly comprised ruined European castle aesthetics.

Upon it released in 2018, the Nun received poor critical reviews, went on to earn $365 million at the world wide box office on a $22 million budget.

MovieWeb reports that no plot details or cast members were revealed during the panel, but writer Akela Cooper, famous for writing the cult horror Malignant is expected to get on board to pen the screenplay.

The previous film (Nun) ended with the climactic sequence revealing that Valak had survived by possessing Maurice and found her way to haunt Lorraine Warren during one of their paranormal investigations.

However, according to Collider, little more than an image was shown during the Warner Bros. sizzle reel, with no further details, including release date and potential return of director Corin Hardy (The Hallows) or Bonnie Aarons as the titular demon Valak.

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