Ousted Guinea’s president, Alpha Conde, released from house arrest

Ousted Guinea’s president, Alpha Conde, released from house arrest

Guinea’s ruling military government has announced the released of the ousted president Alpha Conde from house arrest.

The military government also announced that the former president, is given the privileges to receive visitors, and also family members.

According to a report by Aljazeera, the announcement was revealed in a statement released by the military late on Friday stating that coup leader and interim president Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, informs national and international opinion that the former president of the republic is finally free.

Colonel Doumbouya, has however assured Conde of benefiting from adequate security.

The statements also stated that, the former president will continue to live at his wife’s family home in a suburb of the capital, Conakry, people. Pending the completion of on going renovations on his own apartment.

Conde, now 84-year-old was removed in a coup by army officers last year and replaced by Colonel Doumbouya.

After the coup, he was allowed to go to the United Arab Emirates for medical treatment in January, returning to Guinea on April 10.

Howeven after the trip, Conde’s party, Rally of the Guinean People (RPG), has said he was not truly free before or after his trip, and demanded for his absolute freedom.

Continuing with the struggle for Conde’s release, the RPG suspended its participation at a military-organised national reconciliation conference to further protest against his detention.

Conde who was the first Guinea’s democratically elected president in 2010, with his triumph seen as putting an end to authoritarian rule by the country’s two first presidents, who were in power for 50 years combined.

However Conde’s misfortunes began In 2020, when he pushed through a new constitution that allowed him to run for a third term in October 2020.

His decision caused several reactions and criticism that triggered mass demonstrations leading to the death of many harmless protesters.

Notwithstanding, he continued with his bid to get re-elected which he eventually won the October election. But his political opponents rejected the out come of the polls alleging that it was rigged.

Meanwhile, the 15-nation bloc has placed a sanction on Guinea’s coup leaders and has set an April 25 deadline for them to present schedules for the return of democratic rule in the country.

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