Putin vows to use “lightning” fast strikes on nation’s that ‘interferes’

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a what seems like a direct threat to the West on  Wednesday,  vows to use “lightning” fast strikes on any nation that “interferes” with Russia’s war in Ukraine. According to Fox news.

Putin made the announcement on Wednesday, while addressing the Council of Legislators at the Tauride Palace, in St. Petersburg, Wednesday, April 27, 2022, stressing Russia’s readiness to attack any outsiders that pose  unacceptable threats to the country.

“If anyone ventures to intervene from the outside and pose unacceptable threats of a strategic nature to Russia, they should know that our counter-retaliatory strikes will take place with lightning speed,” he said.


According to Putin, Russia has all it takes and will  not hesitate to use it if necessary as every decision regarding that has been made.

We have all the tools to do this. The kind that no one else can boast of right now,” he said alluding to Russia’s deployment of a hypersonic missile last month.
“And we will not boast; we will use them if necessary. I want everyone to know that,” he continued. “All the decisions have been made in this regard.”

Over the week, Russia was confronted with anger from the  international community after it suggested Western support of Kyiv during Russia’s more than 60-day invasion could lead to nuclear warfare.

Meanwhile, NATO nations and other allies have kept on with their  support to Ukraine as Russia ramps up its second offensive in eastern and southern Ukraine, in what defense officials have warned will be an even more brutal fight.

But Russia has repeatedly defended its “special military operation” in Ukraine as an attempt to “denazify” certain regions,  a claim Ukraine and the West have said is obviously false.

Russian forces have yet to make any major military advancements and Western nations this week said they would like to not only see Russia fail in Ukraine, but be incapacitated to the extent that it is unable to launch a similar offensive again.

Fox news reports that  Putin has doubled down on his efforts and told Russian lawmakers, “I want to emphasize again that all the tasks of the special military operation we are conducting in the Donbas and Ukraine, launched on Feb. 24, will be unconditionally fulfilled.”

Russia last extended its “special military operation” in Ukraine outside of the eastern Donbas and said it will seek “full control” over eastern Ukraine,  giving it better advantage to next launch a campaign into neighbouring Moldova.

(Fox News)

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