Red Notice: Full List Of Dangerous Nigerians Wanted By Interpol

Interpol is in search of not but eight fugitive Nigerians World Health Organization have serious charges hanging over their heads to assist with the seeking for the needed persons, the international security organization has issued a wanted poster to enforcement bodies in the African country

This is coming back weeks when the EFCC aforesaid it currently has access to Interpol’s info of criminals in the African country
Interpol, the world’s largest international police organization with a hundred ninety member countries, is in search of a minimum of eight Nigerians World Health Organization committed variable degrees of crimes however area unit at massive.

The international security body has issued a wanted poster to enforcement agencies within the country to help in the pursuit and arrest of the needed persons
The crimes that the voter’s area unit needed vary from criminal possession of firearms, seizure and theft, traffic, physical assault, criminal conspiracy, and cheating to theft.
Below the area unit the names of the Nigerians as printed by Interpol. int:

1. St. Vitus Akachi (born on June thirteen, 1984)
2. Salif Bouhari (59-year-old)
3. Nkem Butchang Timloh (born on Nov twenty-five, 1988)
4.Okromi Festus (born on June twenty-six, 1965)
5. Costa public prosecutor Costa Frankle Austine (59-year-old)
6.Uzoma Eneh Jude (born on August eleven, 1973)
7. Asuquo Mbuotidem Edem (33-year-old)
8.Obidiozor Malahi Ikechukwu (born on thirtieth June 1979)

Bad news for criminals as EFCC gets unlimited access to INTERPOL’s info

Meanwhile, an accord had been signed between the Economic and Monetary Crimes Commission (EFCC), and Interpol.

The chairman of EFCC, Abdulrasheed Bawa fenced in a Memo of Understanding (MoU) with the Interpol National Central Bureau for an African countries, on Wed, June 1, in Lyon, France. gathered that the implication of the accord is that the anti-graft agency would be allowed unrestricted direct access to Interpol’s 9 key world databases containing 114 million records of 195 nations across the globe hosted by the Interpol on its i24/7 secure world records and communication system.
According to a press release issued on the commission’s official Facebook page on Friday, June 3, African country through the EFCC will currently monitor foreign crime activities stepping into and out of the country, giving the commission a wider reach to combat crime.
The statement reads:
“The access to the Interpol databases could be an important boost to the EFCC because it enhances the commission’s operational capabilities by giving it associate alone world reach against suspected criminals and needed persons trying to escape from the long arm of the law.”

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