U.S group urges UK govt to investigate fraudulent asylum claim against Ekweremadu, others

A Nigeria – American based human Rights Advocacy group, Nigerians For Peace and Protection of Human Rights (NPPHR) has cautioned the Government of the United Kingdom to scrutinize the alleged claim of human organs harvesting levelled against the former Deputy Senate President of Nigeria, Senator Ike Ekweremadu by a purportedly 15 years old boy, Ukpo Nwamini David.

According to the group, emerging evidences against Senator Ekweremadu’s accuser, Ukpo Nwamini David, debunked Ukpo’s claim of being a minor, 15 years old, who cannot provide consent for the mutually agreed medical procedure, and his fraudulent quest for Asylum to enable him remain in the United Kingdom instead of returning to Nigeria.

Also, documentary evidence emerging from Ukpo’s formal UK Visa application where Senator Ekweremadu submitted letters to intimate the government of the United Kingdom of their purpose of visit, may backfire against the UK government and question the credibility of the UK Judicial system and foreign policies towards Black African leaders.

The Global Coordinator of the Group, Friday Kenneth described the charges against Senator Ike Ekweremadu as “Insane and Trumped-up” and as a deliberate act by the British Government to allow a fraudulent asylum claim for a man who has committed perjury and was encouraged by a few Nigerians to lie about his age to UK authorities to enable him remain in the United Kingdom.

“We want to caution the British Government that despite the damage that the ongoing charade against Senator Ike Ekweremadu have caused the British Judiciary, they should immediately retraced their steps and apologies to the Ekweremadu Family.

“Senator Ekweremadu had written to the UK High Commission in Nigeria to support a visa application of a “donor” listed as Ukpo Nwamini David. In the letter, Ekweremadu said Ukpo was undergoing “medical investigations for a kidney donation to his sick daughter, Ms. Sonia Ekweremadu.”

“Although the British Police had claimed that the donor was 15 years old without any documentary evidence, data from Ukpo Nwamini David international passport indicate that he is 21 years old. According to information on the Nigeria passport data page of Ukpo, he was born on October 12, 2000. The date of issuance of the passport was listed as November 4, 2021, which is a few weeks before Ekweremadu wrote to the UK high commission in respect of the medical visa application.”

“A check on the Bank Verification Number (BVN) portal and his National Identification Number (NIN) which has been in existence long before this incident with a print-out date of June 24, 2022 also showed Ukpo’s date of birth as October 12, 2000.”

“The British Government issued Ukpo Nwamini David a six (6) months visa for the medical purpose, both Ukpo’s parents and his family members were officially contacted to help with the kidney donation to the seriously ill daughter of Senator Ekweremadu. Kidney transplant is a well-recognized medical procedure attracting the same sympathies as blood donors. All material facts were disclosed to the British Authorities, and officials of the British High Commission, Lagos, Nigeria.”

“Unfortunately, the urge to permanently remain in the UK took over this young man and he decided on the encouragement and grooming of his family members and friends in Nigeria, to blackmail the Ekweremadus! What’s happening is simply a case of greed and betrayal. Everyday, many Nigerians travel to India with organ donors to carry out transplants with subsequent complications stories.”

That the Ekweremadus chose a UK hospital is indicative of their willingness to do the right thing. It is so unfortunate that in all these dramas, nobody is asking after the real victim of this drama; the small innocent girl, suffering from such a calamitous illness. Where’s our humanity? Are we so heartless?

“Though the case against the former senator and his wife has been adjourned till July 7, 2022, it goes to show that the British Police, Judiciary and Government have shown their open malice to our political system, especially Black African leaders. They have shown that despite some British high profile citizens and multinational companies benefitting from the Nigerian political system, they are full of disdain for our political class.”

“At the level of Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s status, all facts presented by him should have been investigated before any humiliating detention or trial. The British Government should immediately review their actions and tender an unreserved apology to the distinguished Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”

“Senator Ike Ekweremadu should be released immediately to enable him to care for his ill daughter as time is of the essence to save her life. We urgently call on Hon. Geoffrey Jideofor Kwusike Onyeama, the Nigeria Minister for Foreign Affairs to get in touch with his UK counterparts to resolve this unglamorous and disgraceful episode brought upon a distinguished Nigerian Senator by some unprofessional elements in places of authority in the government of the United Kingdom.”

“We also call for the President of the Nigeria Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan, as a matter of urgency, to send a delegation to meet with their UK counterparts to resolve this shameful incident as time is running out to save Senator Ike Ekweremadu’s daughter’s life. Every well-meaning individual must as a matter of urgency stand-up against the prejudicial treatments of Black African Leaders at the hands of some unprofessional elements within the UK authorities.”

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