War: Annihilate us – Zelensky’s wife, Zelenska reveals Russia’s major purpose of invading Ukraine

Ukraine’s first lady, Olena Zelenska has said that she is convinced Russia intends to annihilate her country.

Zelenska spoke in an interview with Polish newspaper, Rzeczpospolita, according to CNN, where she said that alleged war crimes being committed by Russian forces were clear indication of their purpose of invading her country.

She said the invasion of Ukraine “completely changed everything, including our lives,” adding that her husband, President Volodymyr Zelensky, has “moved to Bankowa Street [the president’s office in Kyiv], at his place of work,” while she has stayed with their children.

Zelenska was asked what she thinks is Russia’s purpose of attacking Ukraine, and she responded, “…Russians are trying to annihilate the Ukrainians, which is their true purpose.

“Yes, I am convinced that the Russians want to destroy us and commit genocide.

“And it doesn’t matter what they say because their words do not match their deeds.”

The war in Ukraine has lasted for several weeks now, with allegations of war crimes being made against Russia by the US and its allies.

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