Yul Edochie opens up on why he couldn’t let go of Judy Austin

Popular Nigerian actor, Yul Edochie, has shed light on why he couldn’t help but marry actress Judy Austin, as second wife.

The actor in a recent post on Instagram said his two wives, May Edochie and Judy Austin bring different things to the table and he can’t let go of anyone.

He said although he made a “mistake” by having extramarital affair but couldn’t let Judy go because of the “so much impact” she made in his life.

His words, “Two women can be in your life and bring different contributions cause they think in different ways. They bring different things to the table. You can actually love two women at the same time. I thought it wasn’t possible but it has happened to me.

Yes I made a mistake to look outside as a married man. But these things happen and I just couldn’t let her leave my life.

Somebody can just come into your life and make so much impact and you just don’t want to let this person go…”

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